Elephant Immuno-Contraception

This video was sent by our friend Audrey Delsink (Auds) who is working on the game preserve Makalali which my wife and I along with several friends have had a pleasure of visiting on several occasions.  This video explains an alternative to the practice of “Culling” or killing elephants to control herd size.  Culling is a controversial practice that many game preserves employ to keep their elephant populations from getting out of control.  If you have ever seen the path of destruction that a herd of elephants can make on the vegetation of a preserve you will know why there is such a need for controlling the population.  Auds has been practicing a revolutionary form of herd management using elephant contraceptives.    When my wife and I first heard about this from Auds we had visions of helicopters flying in with black suited rangers fast roping down to the scene of elephant copulation with a giant condom in hand.  We were glad to find out that it was an injection that the female elephants received and then were closely monitored by Auds and her team.  The study is leading the way to a more humane way to control elephant populations throughout Africa.

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