How many Chris Gregory’s in Jacksonville?

Since the name of my blog is Chris Gregory in Jax which is slang for Jacksonville, FL, I thought it would be fun to look up how many more Chris Gregory’s there are in Jacksonville.

There is this guy that is a grad student at Jacksonville University but his profile is boring. Other than that there isn’t much out there so I expanded my search beyond Jacksonville and found some colorful characters.

My favorite is this photojournalist.  There are a lot of photo websites but this guy has really good composition and some of the shots he takes are very technical.  Thanks for making Chris Gregory look good my friend.

Here is a blog from a Chris Gregory that is obsessed with Bob Dylan and run on sentence structure=)  Someone please introduce him paragraphs please.

Here is an interesting Chris Gregory that apparently is head farrier which for you city folks is someone that does horseshoeing.

Another photographer.  Maybe I missed my calling.


Its rather interesting looking up other Chris Gregory’s.  I’ll come back to this post as I find other colorful characters out there.

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