Stolen car at Oak Harbor this weekend

I was heading to Oak Harbor this weekend to do a bit of Kayak fishing. Normally you see some unusual sites at boat ramps but today kind of set the bar. In fact I bet the people who own the houses that back up to Oak Harbors boat ramp can tell some stories.

It appears this car, which was found floating just off the boat ramp, had been stolen the night before and dumped.  It was a nice Pontiac GTO and looked like it didn’t have a back seat.

Search and Recover Divers were on hand to hook up the car so bubba could tow it.  Of course this took a little while.

I had a nice talk with Search and Recovery Divers in regards to the certification level of their Rescue Divers.  Apparently all you need is Advanced Open Water Certification.  The also train once a month.   I’m not sure what all they do but I would expect at least a Cavern course or Intro to Cave certification but I’m sure they get the job done regardless.

It all made for a very slow time getting into the water. I missed the window right before low tide and as a result I got skunked.  At least thats my story so I’m sticking to it =)

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