USS Vandenberg Wreck Dive

Mark Hendry and I spent Thanksgiving this year on the Vandenberg in Key West Fl.  Mark does a great job with the video.  My GoPro camera didn’t do so well underwater.  Too much particulate floating around causing focus issues.  At one time I noticed the GoPro floating past me while on the Deco line…good thing I had a tether =)

It had been a while since we have done a technical dive so this was a very light deco dive with max depth at 140 fsw.  The Vandenburg actually has a nice profile.  You can descend down to 130′ and spend about 10 minutes swimming through the wreck and then ascend to 100′ and spend 15 minutes along the side railing with a few rooms to explore.  There is plenty to see at the 80′ level and spending no more than 20 minutes will give you a light deco schedule of about 15 minutes.  Gas was 27/30 Trimix wich is overkill for this dive but we wanted to remember it and limit narcosis.  This is one of my favorite wreck dives now knocking off the Spiegel Grove.  It’s a bit further to travel but well worth it.

2006 Toyota Tundra XSP for Sale Jacksonville fl

Very nice XSP model Tundra with only a little over 86K miles. 4.7 V8 with plenty of power and Pirelli tires. I have installed a top of the line touch screen head unit that will sync up with bluetooth to your phone and has a hands free microphone near visor. You can connect an iPhone or iPod via a cable to this unit and use the touch screen to control your playlists. I us it for Pandora and love it. I also have a rearview camera installed which works about 50% of the time – usually when you don’t need it =). Leather, A/C, and Power – Locks, doors, driver seat. You can read more about the XSP premium package through the links below. Body is in good shape with only minor scratches and dings. Rear bumper is dented where a tree jumped behind me while backing up. I had to replace the tailgate as well but left the bumper as is – hardly noticeable.

I have also installed a flip up bed cover $800.00 which is 1.5 years old and works great. With the locking tailgate you can completely secure the bed which I used extensively when camping. There is nothing at all wrong with this vehicle to the best of my knowledge. I am selling because I want something smaller as I have changed jobs and am traveling a lot more. I’ve been reluctant to sell my truck as any guy can understand but that time has come. Serious enquiries only.Kelly Blue Book value

Stolen car at Oak Harbor this weekend

I was heading to Oak Harbor this weekend to do a bit of Kayak fishing. Normally you see some unusual sites at boat ramps but today kind of set the bar. In fact I bet the people who own the houses that back up to Oak Harbors boat ramp can tell some stories.

It appears this car, which was found floating just off the boat ramp, had been stolen the night before and dumped.  It was a nice Pontiac GTO and looked like it didn’t have a back seat.

Search and Recover Divers were on hand to hook up the car so bubba could tow it.  Of course this took a little while.

I had a nice talk with Search and Recovery Divers in regards to the certification level of their Rescue Divers.  Apparently all you need is Advanced Open Water Certification.  The also train once a month.   I’m not sure what all they do but I would expect at least a Cavern course or Intro to Cave certification but I’m sure they get the job done regardless.

It all made for a very slow time getting into the water. I missed the window right before low tide and as a result I got skunked.  At least thats my story so I’m sticking to it =)