Neptune Beach Holiday Convoy

I was putting out my christmas lights this weekend, when all the sudden I heard Christmas Music coming from everywhere.  I thought I was being visited by Kris Kringle himself until I looked up and saw this caravan of city vehicles coming my way.  My thought process was a wash of random newspaper like clippings.  I thought of the wasted Government spending, bloated city budget and civic services being shut down due to lack of funding.  Yet here I was seeing a parade of city vehicles all dressed up for the holidays with lights blinking and music playing going up and down every street in Neptune Beach.  It was one of those moments that brought together many random thoughts into one moment of clarity.  The City was actually doing something frivolous to make it’s citizens feel good.  Put away all the hype in the media…forget about the debt crisis.  For one brief moment it was a scene from 1950 where children played in the streets, neighbors waved to one another and dogs stopped chasing cats…for that one moment everything was perfect.  In my eyes there was no money spent this year that was more important than providing this roving caravan of festive feel good.

As I returned to putting up my lights I felt as though I was making my own contribution to the collective good of the community which was stitched together by the convoy of city vehicles all dressed in garland and lights.  This Holiday Season lets all take the time to step off our soap boxes, put down our megafones and take a moment of reflection during a time that we need it the most.  Many thanks to the City of Neptune Beach for not taking themselves too seriously and spreading some Holiday Cheer.

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan designs have transformed the casual furnishing industry. Brown Jordan was established in 1945 by iconic designers, Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan in Pasadena, California.
Today, Brown Jordan creates stylish furniture for full-time outdoor use. These innovative designs, originally constructed of tubular aluminum and vinyl lace, was simply titled “Leisure.” This was essentially the birth of outdoor furniture and furnishings.
Brown Jordan CarmicleBrown Jordan is recognized as a distinguished legacy brand known for producing stylish and award-winning designs. Brown Jordan has built its reputation with almost 70 years as an industry leader in innovation, style and design integrity. The Brown Jordan portfolio has more than 30 collections in many styles and materials – all perfect for long term outdoor use. Brown Jordan designs create distinctive silhouettes that are machine and hand crafted to produce the highest quality furnishings and give consumers furniture that enhances traditional, as well as transitional and contemporary designs and environments.
Brown Jordan has worldwide customers and services their needs through a series of sales representatives, furniture showrooms, specialty dealers and merchandisers. Brown Jordan also provides interior and exterior casual furniture to residential, hospitality/hotel and corporate clients.
Here are a few additional facts about Brown Jordan furniture you should know:

  • Brown Jordan is widely considered the first company to manufacture furniture designed exclusively for outdoor use
  • They have won at least 17 design awards throughout it’s history
  • Brown Jordan’s original ideas were based around the thought that their furniture should resemble outdoor art – as such, many of their first furniture lines are considered vintage collectibles
  • One of it’s most iconic designs – Walter Lamb Collection – was made from pipe salvaged from sunken Pearl Harbor warships.
  • Brown Jordan pieces are identifiable by some key signature elements: heavier gauge aluminum tubing than standard brands, clean welds. These are like the identifying fingerprints for their furniture collections

When you want only the best in casual furnishings, rely on Brown Jordan.

Some additional info about Brown Jordan International:

Established: 1945

Current Location:

475 West Town Place, Suite 201
St. Augustine, FL 32092
Phone: 904-495-0717
Gene Moriarty, Brown Jordan President/CEO
Vincent Tortorici, Brown Jordan Executive VP/CFO

How many Chris Gregory’s in Jacksonville?

Since the name of my blog is Chris Gregory in Jax which is slang for Jacksonville, FL, I thought it would be fun to look up how many more Chris Gregory’s there are in Jacksonville.

There is this guy that is a grad student at Jacksonville University but his profile is boring. Other than that there isn’t much out there so I expanded my search beyond Jacksonville and found some colorful characters.

My favorite is this photojournalist.  There are a lot of photo websites but this guy has really good composition and some of the shots he takes are very technical.  Thanks for making Chris Gregory look good my friend.

Here is a blog from a Chris Gregory that is obsessed with Bob Dylan and run on sentence structure=)  Someone please introduce him paragraphs please.

Here is an interesting Chris Gregory that apparently is head farrier which for you city folks is someone that does horseshoeing.

Another photographer.  Maybe I missed my calling.


Its rather interesting looking up other Chris Gregory’s.  I’ll come back to this post as I find other colorful characters out there.

Elephant Immuno-Contraception

This video was sent by our friend Audrey Delsink (Auds) who is working on the game preserve Makalali which my wife and I along with several friends have had a pleasure of visiting on several occasions.  This video explains an alternative to the practice of “Culling” or killing elephants to control herd size.  Culling is a controversial practice that many game preserves employ to keep their elephant populations from getting out of control.  If you have ever seen the path of destruction that a herd of elephants can make on the vegetation of a preserve you will know why there is such a need for controlling the population.  Auds has been practicing a revolutionary form of herd management using elephant contraceptives.    When my wife and I first heard about this from Auds we had visions of helicopters flying in with black suited rangers fast roping down to the scene of elephant copulation with a giant condom in hand.  We were glad to find out that it was an injection that the female elephants received and then were closely monitored by Auds and her team.  The study is leading the way to a more humane way to control elephant populations throughout Africa.