USS Vandenberg Wreck Dive

Mark Hendry and I spent Thanksgiving this year on the Vandenberg in Key West Fl.  Mark does a great job with the video.  My GoPro camera didn’t do so well underwater.  Too much particulate floating around causing focus issues.  At one time I noticed the GoPro floating past me while on the Deco line…good thing I had a tether =)

It had been a while since we have done a technical dive so this was a very light deco dive with max depth at 140 fsw.  The Vandenburg actually has a nice profile.  You can descend down to 130′ and spend about 10 minutes swimming through the wreck and then ascend to 100′ and spend 15 minutes along the side railing with a few rooms to explore.  There is plenty to see at the 80′ level and spending no more than 20 minutes will give you a light deco schedule of about 15 minutes.  Gas was 27/30 Trimix wich is overkill for this dive but we wanted to remember it and limit narcosis.  This is one of my favorite wreck dives now knocking off the Spiegel Grove.  It’s a bit further to travel but well worth it.

Cave Diving in Mexico

I’ve posted this on my facebook but it’s such a good video I thought I would add it here.

A few friends Mark, Tony, and Li  along with Paul Heinerth our friend and guide went to Costa Maya for some world class cave diving.  Needless to say the experience was once in a lifetime and a must for any serious cave diver.

I won’t recap the whole adventure however towards the end of the video you see us lowering our gear into a hole in the earth known as “The Pit”.

Paul originally explored and found going cave at about 200ft.

Hydrogen Sulfide Cloud, Cave Diving

What made this dive memorable was the fact that we listened to Ozzy’s dark side of the moon while driving to the site.  This song stuck in my head as we descended 200ft into a hydrogen sulfide cloud which you see at the end of the video and in the above picture (not my pic).  Given the fact we were on air and at 200ft which meant yours truly was narc’d out of his mind.  Ozzy’s words started playing in my head which made an already surreal dive totally over the top.

For those cave divers reading this if you ever get a chance to go to Mexico don’t miss “The Pit”

(The About article linked above was written by an open water certified diver which max depth is 130 for them.  This cave goes much deaper.  All pictures are taken from the about article.)